Hosting a birthday party but looking for something creative to entertain your young guests (ages 4-14) with?

Look no further than a Timbered Touch TinyTimbers Birthday Party kit! 


 $20 per person (Minimum of 5 paid guests) Birthday Boy/Girl is FREE!


$50 Desposit is due at the time of booking. Guests must register (using your simple & custom registration link) 5 days prior to your scheduled birthday party. The remainder of your balance is due 4 days prior to your kit pick up date. The Timbered Touch will e-mail you a final invoice once guest registration has closed. Production will not begin until your remaining balance is paid. Delayed payment is subject to a late fee. 


Your TinyTimber workshop can take place anytime & anywhere! Just schedule a time to pick up your kit and the rest is all on your schedule. (Kits must be picked up at our sister location in Forest.)


If you should need to cancel your kit you must do so 10 days prior to your pick up date in order to receive your deposit refund. 

Designs: Your guest & birthday workshopper will get to choose from several of our TinyTimber Workshop designs! We offer a variety of designs for all ages and interests, therefore no custom designs are allowed. 


The TinyTimber Workshop kits are a great add to any birthday theme! Pick your theme, prep your invites, and plan your party just as you would any birthday. Just add a little DIY fun with a TinyTimber Workshop sign-up slip to your invites. 

How does it work?:

When you choose to do a TinyTimber Workshop, you are the instructor. The Timbered Touch provides everything you need to add a little Timber Crafting to your party. Within a few days of your booking, The Timbered Touch will provide you with an instructional video (for you the host) and an e-mailed document to print and share with guests you would like to invite. This document will have a link for your guest (or their parent/guardian) to sign up for your birthday party. Upon signing up they will select their design, stain choice, and 2 paint colors. The Timbered Touch will prepare a bag for each guest with all of their materials so it’s easy and organized! In your TinyTimber Birthday kit you will find an instructional sheet, a kit for each guest, wipes for clean-up, and best of all…. everything is simple and disposable! Your child’s birthday guests will leave with a masterpiece of their own and an experience they can’t wait to share with others! 

Other Supplies you may need:

Table or space for participants to work.

Disposable table cloth